Victorian Christmas Stroll

OLLI Connects is about OLLI members sharing their experiences.  But it’s hard to share an experience that hasn’t happened to you yet.  So, we’re inviting you to a Christmas adventure with a smidgen of time travel thrown in:  The Victorian Christmas Stroll at the Henry B. Plant Museum.

From now through December 23 you can, well, “stroll” through a Christmas world much like the one Cindy Knox depicted in our last blog post.  We can’t promise that you’ll run into the Ghost of Christmas Past, but you will see:  Christmas trees from tiny to towering, decorated in Victorian style.  Thousands of lights and hundreds of feet of garlands. Vintage fashions, antique toys, and fanciful ornaments.

Holiday music will surround you as you nibble on Christmas cookies and sip cider on the verandah.  And there will be several live evening performances.

Through December 16 you can drop off your letters to Santa.  The 16th and 23d will feature Upstairs/Downstairs live theater.  And there will be a special “Music in the Museum” program on December 20.

For all the details on events and pricing, browse to Plant Museum’s web site.  And after your adventure, please write about it and share it with your fellow OLLI members here at OLLI Connects.

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  1. I did the Stroll last year and it was beautiful and very Victorian. I plan on going again this year and I highly recommend it.

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