To Tell The Truth Winner

Channeling our inner Bud Collyer, we shared several “true” stories with you in our November issues. Stories written, as always, by your fellow OLLI-USF members. “Honest Abe” honest. Totally truthful.  Except when they weren’t.

We asked you to be our Kitty Carlisle, our Tom Poston, and tell us at the end of each issue whether the author had “told the truth” (and some had) or had tried to bamboozle you (which also happened). And as you voted, we kept score.

Using a complex mathematical formula that I think we learned in fifth grade, we converted the correct and incorrect votes into percentages and the percentages into numerical scores and, thus, a winner emerged.

Hang on a moment, while I open the sealed envelope.  OK. Got it.  Our grand prize winner and supreme plausible prevaricator is  Joan Weaving.  She will receive an impressive virtual Certificate, a brief moment of fame within the OLLI-USF community, and our eternal gratitude for participating. You can view the Award Ceremony by clicking on the image below.

Joan Weaving, our premier plausible prevaricator

While Joan was our overall winner, all of our contestants managed to fool some of you. In case you missed any of their stories, here they are with links and their degree of truthiness.

(For the most part, we ran two stories in each issue, so–after you click the link–you’ll have to scroll down for several of the stories.) — Editors

Pete Terzian – Scare House FALSE

Patricia Antolino – My Champion TRUE

Bobbie Muir – Coloring Santa TRUE

Neil Cosentino – Midnight Rescue Mission FALSE

Jan Vaupel –  Surprise FALSE

Marilyn Myerson – The Haunting TRUE

Diane Russell – Pet Cards TRUE

Joan Weaving – Chenawah FALSE

Thanks to all of them for participating, and thanks to all of you who voted.




7 Replies to “To Tell The Truth Winner”


    To the wonderful OLLI staff and the writers who contributed, thanks for a delightful game. I always enjoy reading the stories submitted, but this was a fun twist ☺️.

  2. Congratulations, Joan, for weaving such a wonderful tale! Much gratitude to the story tellers and the OLLICONNECTS editors for this joyful romp.

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