Growing Tomatoes in Florida

Bruce Shanker successfully produces two harvests of homegrown tomatoes each year in his backyard garden in Carrollwood, yielding an amazing quantity and variety of jewel-toned, plump and flawless specimens. We sat down with Bruce on a zoom call to learn about his secrets for growing tomatoes in Central Florida.

Click on the photos below to open two short videos detailing Bruce’s methods, equipment and growing schedule. The first video focuses on planting, fertilizing and irrigation. The second video provides detailed information about improving yield, pest and disease control, scheduling and late season storage.

You can order an Earthbox through their website. There you will also find full instructions, user manuals, videos and available accessories.

If you need further information or guidance on growing your own tomato crop, Bruce will be happy to respond to emails sent to

Bruce Shanker was born in the Washington, DC area and lived there for 40 years before moving to Tampa in 1994. His professional background included accounting, finance, financial planning, charitable planning, marketing, real estate development, and rental management and fundraising. During his years in the workforce, he was the CFO of a medical device consulting company, a financial consulting company, he was the CFO and Technology director of a local museum, an executive director of a community foundation, was a senior financial planner, and held senior tax accounting positions in CPA firms in Bethesda, Md.

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  1. Bruce, these two videos demonstrate a true work of heart! I think they would make great instructional videos for sharing with a wider audience on YouTube! Bravo!

  2. I love this, thanks Bruce. It almost makes me want to try growing tomatoes. I am curious as to whether you have a whole batch of different recipes for your tomatoes.

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