To Tell the Truth! (Or maybe not)

If you’ve ever played poker, sold used cars, or raised children, you know that the truth is not always your friend. But the process of sorting fact from fiction can be fun, as the vintage TV show “To Tell the Truth” demonstrated every week when we were growing up.  On a tiny, fuzzy screen, in glorious black and white, Bud Collyer would introduce his panel to three people, only one of whom was “sworn to tell the truth”.  The panel’s job was to figure out which one was the truth teller.

We want to recreate some of the fun of that game show but without the fuzzy black and white screen and without making you eat from a TV table. Here’s our plan.

You will sort through some of the interesting experiences you’ve had–and you’ll find more than you expect–pick one, and share it with us in a standard OLLI Connects size article.

Or you will let a sly grin creep over your face and say “Hmmm! That experience would have been a lot more interesting if this had happened!”  And you’ll share that “enhanced” experience with us.

Or perhaps you’ll do as <NAME REDACTED> does, skip the memories, and just make the whole thing up.

Whatever route you take, you’ll send the result to us at We’ll publish your “reminiscence” in an upcoming issue and let readers vote in the Comments boxes (at the bottom of each page) “True” or “False”.  We’ll figure out some way to score this and announce our winners in our year-end issue. There may even be prizes.

Let’s get you warmed up! Pull out a TV table, put some bland food on a plate, and click here to enjoy an episode of “To Tell the Truth”.

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