The Last Sail of the Mayaguana

Neil Cosentino

For reasons I no longer remember, I decided that day to move the Mayaguana to a new location. Was it luck?  Fate?  I’ll never know.

The boat had been neglected and unused for years, an old all-wooden sloop built on Man-O-War Cay. At 37 feet from stem to stern, she had a small cabin and had been used in the early days as a government mail boat.

It was a hasty decision to leave Salt Cay, Nassau, in the Bahamas for our destination: Treasure Cay Resort in the Hub of the Abacos. I decided to take Tete along with me. He was a Haitian employee who had sailing experience.  As the company pilot, I often joked that I knew only two things about boating: keep the pointed end in the direction you are going and keep water out of it.

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