Submission Guidelines

OLLI Connects’ submission guidelines are simple and straightforward.

The Basics

You can submit short stories, personal reminiscences, poetry,  how-to articles, travel pieces, photographs, or video. Or darn near anything that you can write about in an interesting manner.

As a contributor to OLLI Connects, you should be an OLLI-USF member or have a close association with one: spouse, sibling, offspring, regular drinking buddy, or the like.

Your piece should be long enough to comfortably fit our format.  Please browse through our past issues to get a sense of that.  If your piece is too short, we may still want to use it, but we’ll generally hold it until we get another too-short piece and publish them together. We’ve not yet encountered a piece that is too long, although a few have come close.  The better writer you are, the longer a work people will be interested in finishing.

When they read your “story”, we want our audience to know who you are.  So, please include a brief Bio and a photo with whatever you submit.  Again, a look at our past issues will give you plenty of examples.

The Loopholes

We want to publish interesting posts that our readers will enjoy, so we’ll bend the rules a little, when we feel it’s justified.  We’ve published stories by authors who were OLLI members, but not specifically OLLI-USF members. We’ve republished articles about lifelong learning from other sources that seemed relevant to our local OLLI-USF readers.

We don’t go looking for exceptions to our Guidelines, but we’re willing to consider them.

Have a specific question?  Send it to  Cath, Theresa or Al will try to give you a good answer.


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