Seriously? Seriously!!

You may not have had yesterday marked on your calendar, but it was the kickoff day of a three week campaign to put OLLI-USF in front of thousands of eyes.  Thousands and thousands of eyes!  Quite possibly yours.  Here’s the story.

Yesterday morning, while you were still sound asleep, we launched a billboard campaign we’re calling “Seriously”.  Yes.  Seriously.  It runs through February 23 and features two stereotype shattering designs.  One of them is at the top of this page.  You’ll find the other at the end.

These two designs will rotate (with other ads) on up to six electronic billboards in our area.  Take a look at the chart below for their specific dates and locations.  (Yes, the description of the location is a bit cryptic.  That’s part of the challenge.)  If you see one or more of them, email Ara ( to let her know which one, where, and when.

We’re grateful to a wonderful (anonymous) donor for the funding to try this; to our Development Committee, led by Lew Alpert, who facilitated this; and to Stephanie Harff and Mark Leaning from InEd (Innovative Education) and USF Marketing.  Mark developed these colorful designs and the “seriously” concept.  Kudos to Elissa Henderson for steering us through the processes. And an enormous thanks to Bruce Shanker (OLLI Member on the Development Committee) who was the driving force behind the billboards.


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  1. Sorry, for me they are too silly. They are caricatures and give no clue as to who or what we are. No, I can’t think of anything better -at least not right now. I just know they would not get me to contact OLLI.
    I hope I’m wrong!

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