Rogues’ Gallery

The OLLI Connects blog is almost a year old, and in its first few months of life it has showcased the writing and photographic talents of over two dozen OLLI members.  We’d like to recognize and applaud them here.  (Well, most of them.  We don’t actually have photos of every one of them.)

If you see someone you recognize–and we’ll be astounded if you don’t–feel free to send them an “Attaboy!”  And, while you’re scrolling through the slide show, take a moment to think about how great your face would look as part of this group.  It could happen….

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  1. Congratulations to all the OLLI Connects contributors. This first year has been awesome. Over 8,000 views in the first year. Wow!

    We’ve received so many positive comments about our blog from OLLI’s around the southeast and beyond. Hope to see many more new faces in the gallery this time next year.

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