Quip Witted Challenge Reminder

Last week we challenged you to a duel. Well, not really.  Not even a duel of wits. But we did challenge you to create a terse, succinct, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it phrase that characterizes OLLI-USF for you.  Think bumper sticker. Or tattoo. Or fortune cookie.

Or, in the same “brevity is the soul of wit” spirit, a Meme. Like the ones you see on social media and laugh at.  But about OLLI.

Or, if you’re an OLLI-USF fan, but a bit too long winded (like the OLLI Connects Editors) to squeeze your thoughts onto a bumper sticker, give us a “50 words or less” description of what you like about OLLI. An OLLI elevator pitch, so to speak.

For a longer explanation and some examples, click here. And when inspiration strikes, send your ideas or thoughts to us at connectsolli25@gmail.com.

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