Political Discussion at OLLI

Unlike Congress and much of the media, OLLI members can discuss politics without losing their tempers.  Classes on contemporary politics as well as P-SIG, our Politics Shared Interest Group (SIG) offer us lots of opportunities to listen, to think, to learn, to discuss, and to enlarge our political views.  Let’s drop in for a few moments on a P-SIG meeting and discussion that took place just before the 2018 congressional elections.

P-SIG:  Politics Shared Interest Group
P-SIG meets from 1 to 3 p.m. on the second Wednesday of selected months, at Compton Park (16101 Compton Drive, Tampa, FL 33647). Join them in a politics forum which features discussion topics and debates, as well as guest speakers.  P-SIG members participate in activities that complement, enhance, and promote existing OLLI-USF Political Science and History classes.  P-SIG will reach out to both USF faculty and undergraduate student bodies. For more information contact communications coordinator, Bill Sapper, at 813-994-3807 or tampabill@verizon.net.

As you noticed in the video, Doug talks about how he came to be an OLLI instructor.  If you’re thinking about becoming an instructor yourself–and you should be!–here are a couple of links that will help you out.

For the basics on becoming an OLLI instructor, click here.  For information on A Course Is Born–a free and vital step on your path to becoming an instructor–click here.

Portrait photo of Doug DallioStarting March 4, 2019, Doug Dallio, and co-instructor Linda Philipps, will teach their tenth session of their popular Issues in the CrossfireIn addition to A Course is Born: From Concept to Classroom, Doug has taken many courses in politics, science, history, genealogy, writing and Italian.


Joe Adles produced and created this video.  An OLLI Instructor, photographer and videographer, Joe has taught 15 technology courses since 2012 including: Introduction to iMovie; Mac Computers C; iPhone and iPad. You can often see him at our Open Houses and other events taking photographs or creating videos, some of which he posts on our Facebook page.


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