Poetry Month Begins


National Poetry Month for 2021 begins today. And you’ll find so much great poetry in the next four issues of OLLI Connects that you may suspect Shakespeare has quietly moved in next door.  But, although we appreciate the Bard, he’s not one of our contributors.  The poetry that you’ll enjoy–that you’ll experience–has been created by poets here in our area, often by OLLI members you know.

This isn’t just a local celebration of poetry, though.  It’s National Poetry Month, and there are events taking place around the country.  And, thanks to the power of the Internet, we can connect you to some of them.

But let’s start with a local event, so that you can contribute .

Tell It, Tampa~ A Poetry Challenge for National Poetry Month

In honor of National Poetry Month, Gianna Russo, the Wordsmith of the City of Tampa, is throwing down a challenge to all you other wordsmiths and poets.  Write a poem—Tell it!!—about our fair city, Tampa, otherwise known as T-Town, the Big Guava, Gasparilla Queen, Home of the Bolts, Super Bowl Host-with-the-Most, —whatever you like to call her.

The deadline to submit your poem is midnight on Shakespeare’s birthday—that is, April 23rd.  The best poems, as chosen by Wordsmith Gianna Russo,  will be announced by late May 2021, and will be part of a public arts project to be announced.   Other poems may be posted on a special webpage for all to see.

Click here to see all the details of the competition and to enter it yourself.

And join us for a month of poetry that will stir your imagination, lift your spirit, set your mind alight, and occasionally break your heart.


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  1. What could be better! A poetry contest about Tampa with the deadline midnight on Shakespeare’s birthday!

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