The OLLI Opera Special Interest Group (SIG) called Opera-tunity and several other OLLI friends enjoyed a pre-show talk prior to enjoying “An Evening with Gilbert and Sullivan” at the Straz on Sunday afternoon, July 29th.

Pre-show talks are scheduled prior to Sunday matinee performances of Opera Tampa productions and provide information that enhances the experience of the opera ahead.

The overall experience of Gilbert and Sullivan was a delightful way to enter into Victorian life from the perspective of witty satire.

It was especially interesting to learn that the typically fast-paced, rhyming lyrics called “patter” used in their comic operas or operettas such as the following…

This particularly rapid, unintelligible patter
Isn’t generally heard, and if it is, it doesn’t matter!

… is the “grandmother” of today’s “rap” as is so cleverly used in the Broadway show phenomenon, “Hamilton”.   Poetry is a pleasure in whatever form!

Future operas that will have pre-show talks are the four Sunday matinee performances on the Opera Tampa schedule beginning in December.

In addition, Opera-tunity members (or opera-tunists) have planned an entire season of meetings on the second Monday of each month from 10 a.m. to noon to learn about upcoming operas and other related events.

Contact Beryl B. Byles (bbbyles@gmail.com) or Sandy Clowes (solclowes@verizon.net) for more information.


Beryl Byles, OLLI member since 2014, has taken OLLI courses in political science, history, art. architecture, science and humanities. She teaches Greek Mythology; Getting to Know Opera; Exploring Leadership Opportunities at OLLI and new this semester: The Camino Counts at Any Age.  Beryl is the enthusiastic and knowledgeable leader of our Opera-tunities SIG.


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