OLLI Gets Serious

Have you seen one yet?  One of our sort of serious “Seriously” series of bill boards, that is.  We have two different–one might say very different!–images that rip away the facade of OLLI as a bunch of boring stuff for sedentary seniors.

Our campaign, which runs from February 3 through February 23, puts these designs “into rotation” on electronic billboards in six high traffic locations in our area.  We get ten seconds out of every minute every day at two locations which means–now, let’s see if you can do the math in your head–that we’re visible for 28,800 seconds every day.  Or eight hours a day, to make it simple.

As we mentioned last time around we’re grateful to a wonderful–and anonymous-donor for the funding behind this project.  And to a bunch of people–including Lew Alpert, Stephanie Harff, Mark Leaning, Elissa Henderson, and Bruce Shanker–for the role each played in making the idea a reality.

If you spot one of our ads while you’re out running errands or delivering pizza, let Ara know where and when you saw it.  (aarogers@usf.edu)  Seriously!


2 Replies to “OLLI Gets Serious”

    1. I provided one clue in the previous “Seriously” post, and if you scroll down a bit, you’ll see it. I’ll provide a final set of clues next week.

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