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It’s easy to navigate our blog–or any Web site–if you know the “conventions” that govern Web navigation.  Unfortunately, they weren’t part of my high school’s curriculum when I was growing up, and they may not have been part of yours.  So, here’s a little help.

Our blog’s Homepage–the one you see when you browse to our site–has a large Header Image at the top, a Menu below it, and–down below and possibly completely off your screen–the first paragraph of our most recent article or “posts”.  If you gently “swipe” the screen upwards, you’ll see the stories.  Touch or click on (More…) to see the entire post.

If you see an underlined word or phrase or one that is in a different color, you’ll know that it is a live “link’ to more information.  If you touch it, you’ll be taken to that information page.  Then touch the “back” key or icon on your device, and you’ll be returned to the story.

To get back to the Home screen at any time,  just touch “OLLI Connects” on the big Header Image.  Or click on “Home” in the Menu.  Either method should work just fine.

I said “your device” just now, because I don’t know what you’re using to read this.  It might be your mobile phone.  And you may be holding it either upright or sideways.  Or you may be using a 7″ tablet, such as a Galaxy Tab.  Or a full size iPad.  Or your laptop.  Or a full size desktop PC.  The difference in screen sizes among those devices means that you’ll “see” more–or quite a bit less–depending on which one you’re using.

For example, on an iPhone held vertically, you’ll see only the word “Menu” beneath our Header Image.  On a full size iPad, you’ll see the complete list of menu choices.  We try to format our blog so that it works reasonably well no matter what “device” you use to visit us.  But we know it won’t be perfect all the time for every device.

While you’re at our site, don’t be afraid to touch anything that looks interesting.  And be willing to “swipe” up or down on any page at any time.  You may reveal something useful or exciting.

Enjoy our posts.  Contact us if you have questions.  Expect frequent updates from the OLLI community.  Come see us again.

Oh, yeah.  And tell your friends about us.


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    1. Hi Lucinda,

      There’s a small check box just below the Comments area.
      If you check that box, you should receive an email every time we add a new article.

      Al Carlson

  1. What a great way to celebrate OLLI’s 25th anniversary – creating this new way for us OLLIs to communicate and share! Thank you to everyone who organized OLLI Connects and to those who are working on it, and to those who contribute. The post about how to get around and use the blog is great – now even I can feel comfortable here and confident that I am able to be part of a blog! And a special blog this will be – OLLI is full of vibrant people with interesting things to report and share! I’ll bet each of us has something that would be of some value, interest, meaning, amusement or more to others of us. Let’s all look into our trove of stories, experiences and discoveries, large or small, and contribute something to OLLI Connects!

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