Most of our posts are words, highlighted by a few pictures.  But some of our OLLI members’ creativity is best expressed the other way around.  This page will highlight images with a minimum of text.  Most of the photographs you’ll see here come from members of the OLLI Shutterbugs SIG, but we encourage any OLLI member to submit photos for consideration.

Sylvia Fernandez

Curtis Hixon Park
Great Blue Heron
Straz Center
North Carolina Arboretum
Graveyard Fields
Tampa Bay Downs

James M. Hurst

Spoonbill and Stork
Blackfoot Rodeo
Blackfoot Rodeo
Blackfoot Rodeo

Patricia Bernitt

Charlestown in Cornwall. An area used for many of the scenes in “Poldark”

Dave Lockwood

Boathouse, community center and green monster

Kathy Coniglio

Cass Street bridges and the University of Tampa minarets

Catherine Mitchell

Lanterns–Viet Nam

Frank Weitzman

Ybor City at Night
Ybor City at Night
Ybor City at Night

Ceci LaDuca

“The botanist should make interest with the bees, if he would know when the flowers open and when they close.”–Henry David Thoreau

Shelly Belzer

Gasparilla Pirates
Gasparilla Pirates




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