But My Favorite Class was . . .

We’d love to have you contribute an article to OLLI Connects.  But maybe the idea of writing a whole article takes you out of your comfort zone.  Or just isn’t your idea of a good time.  But if you’ve taken more than a handful of OLLI classes, you probably have a favorite.  One that was more than just fun, more than just interesting.  One that had a real impact on you.  Maybe it was the subject.  Maybe it was the instructor.  Maybe you were just ready for an intellectual “growth spurt” at the time.

We’d like you to share that with us—with the OLLI community.  And we want to make it easy for you.  So, here’s what you do.

Open your email program and put connectsolli25@gmail.com in the address box.   Put “OLLI Connects” in the Subject box.  Then just start “talking” about your favorite class or instructor.  Don’t worry about grammar or punctuation or sentence structure.  Just ramble, as though you were telling a good friend about that great class you took.  Why you enjoyed it so much.  What it meant to you.

When you’ve said what you want to say, you can go back and “tidy it up” a little.  If you really want to.  Or you can just hit Send and let us worry about the editing.  Hey, that’s what we’re here for!

We’ll assemble a few of these brief memories into a single article—or several, if we get enough—and publish them just as we do our regular blog posts now.

If you’re OK with your name being used along with your “memory,” let us know.  And tell us what it is, if your email address doesn’t explicitly reveal it.  (I’m looking at you, beachcomber55@aol.com.)  And if you’d prefer to stay anonymous, just say so.

So, quick.  Right now.  Before you get distracted, what was your favorite OLLI class?  And why?



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