The Moon

Patricia R. Antolino

The Temple to Luna, Goddess of the Full Moon, was built in the sixth century B.C. by Emperor Augustus on the Aventine Hill, overlooking the Tiber. There were tumbled tiled floors, double curved stairs, high archways, views of the river on all sides, groves of olives and lemons. On March 31st, upon the completion, a ceremony was held. It is said that the Emperor had commanded Homer to write a hymn invoking Luna, which was to be sung by 27 girls. And the story goes that, when the hymn was sung, Luna rode across the sky in Her silver chariot drawn by two horses, one white, the other black, pulling the Full Moon.

It became custom for a festival to be held each year on March 31st. This year was no different. The Temple had been busy all week …         Read more

Literary Challenge — The Story Unfolds

OLLI-USF Members

We published two unusual stories in our March 26 issue–one by Marilyn Myerson and one “by” Peter Terzian–and added a challenge to you, our readers, to create a story similar to Pete’s.  We gave you an opening line to get you started and let you weave the story by adding Comments. 

Unbeknownst to you, we gave ChatGPT the same challenge.  So, on the linked page you’ll find our challenge, the opening lines, your story, a list of the contributors, and the same challenge answered by ChatGPT.

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