Reading Aloud Is Allowed

Reading a well-crafted poem to yourself–silently or aloud–can be a powerful experience. Hearing a poet read his or her own work can be even more moving.  They know exactly which words to stress and precisely how long the pauses last.  And, if you’re fortunate and they’re in a good mood, they might share with you what the process of creating a poem feels like for them.

As it happens, we have two poets who will do exactly that today: Nick Graves and Gianna Russo.

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Nick Graves


Gianna Russo


For Poetry Readings and News about National Poetry Month 2022   Click Here

Nick Graves has been an OLLI member for eight years. He has taken classes in literature, science, history, sociology, creative writing, poetry, music, politics, technology and lifestyles.

Gianna Russo is the City of Tampa’s official “Wordsmith”.  She is the Assistant Professor of English and creative writing at Saint Leo University.  A prolific writer, she has published “everywhere”. She also directs the Sandhill Writers Retreat and is Editor-in-Chief of the Sandhill Review. She was appointed the first Poet-in-Residence for the College of Arts and Sciences and the scholarly journal Rebus.



6 Replies to “Reading Aloud Is Allowed”

  1. I was in the Brenda Tipps reading series class with Gianna and loved her book and the readings she did for us.

    But I had not heard Nick’s poetry before. What a treat! Can we have more?

    1. Jane,
      There is a “Search” box on our Home Page. Find it and enter “Graves”. You should get links to his poetry from past years. To get more of him reading aloud, contact Cath Mason.

  2. Thank you for sharing your poetry, Nick. I love the blend of cynicism, humor and hope.
    Beautiful imagery in Iowa.

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