Donna and Ann’s Excellent Adventure: Lions, Hippos, and Elephants, Oh My!

Ann Sofia
Donna McGrew

Escapades and adventures aren’t only the province of the young. While OLLI Connects readers are reveling in the reminiscences of our “salad days,” some of you continue to forge ahead and create new memories of extraordinary experiences. Whether it be snorkeling in Indonesia, journeying around North Africa, touring Southeast Asia, traipsing across France for weeks on end or taking a six month residence in New York City, our OLLI friends are no strangers to living on the edge. Today’s edition summarizes a recent African safari undertaken by Ann Sofia and Donna McGrew. Ann guides us through a daily journal of events describing this once-in-a-lifetime trek to several African safari parks in Southeast Africa and other adventures in Cape Town and Victoria Falls. Donna provides powerful photos of their encounters with the wildlife and the landscape. So take a walk on the wild side and remember, you are as young as you feel! — Editors

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