Business Tycoons and Doctors

Robert Strozier
Bharat Pathakgee

Photo of Pathway Surrounded By Fir TreesOur invitation for tales of youthful indiscretions has brought in not only accounts of adolescent alligator wrestling (Kidding!) but also the often blundering, convoluted path to final career choices that so many of us went through. We have two of these for you today, one by Bob Strozier and one by Bharat Pathakgee. Knowing them now, it’s obvious to us that Bob was destined to be a writer and editor and that Bharat was always meant to be a cardiologist. But when they were in their late teens, their eventual career paths were, well, murky at best. 

Bob’s tale begins in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula; Bharat’s begins in India. 

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