National Poetry Month — Last Impressions

Victoria Dym
 Joan Weaving
Cath Mason
Robert Strozier

This April’s National Poetry Month was enthusiastically celebrated by our OLLI member poets with a stimulating array of poems that we packaged in weekly doses. As a special challenge we asked you for tanka and you came through splendidly, and even added other classic Japanese poetic forms to the mix. And to our request for content involving birds, you sent us thoughtful or quirky pieces dedicated to our feathered friends … and photos as well. Please enjoy our last poetry edition of the monthlong celebration. And….thank you all.

A fresh writing challenge will accompany one of our May blog issues. Spoiler alert! We want to know more about your personal adventures — after all, didn’t we all make some risky or unwise choices in our youth or young adult years? Stay tuned for all the details in an upcoming blog. — Editors

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