The Road to Athabasca — the Final Chapter

Doug Guido

Today we arrive at the final installment of Doug Guido’s 1990 adventure in Alaska. If you missed the first two episodes, simply enter the term Athabasca in the search box on the OLLI Connects home page or follow the link instructions provided at the end of today’s story. Enjoy! — Editor


A week or so after meeting Earl, I stopped for the night at an RV park just north of Haines, Alaska. I was to rendezvous the next morning with Bob, a fishing guide who owned a fish camp on an island on Chilkat Lake. I’d called him from Fairbanks and reserved a half day Sockeye salmon fishing with him.

The plan was that I would call him on the CB at 7:00 the next morning. As I drove up to the spot he’d picked for us to meet, a couple came walking up the riverbank rather quickly and told me that there were two grizzly bears down there fishing and to be careful! I tentatively walked down to the water’s edge, warily watching for bears.

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