Beryl’s Byways Continued

Beryl B. Byles

Even though our mission is “Sharing Stories. Building Community”, Beryl’s recent “live in” visit to New York City produced more great memoir material than even OLLI Connects can share with you.  So, we’ve chosen to highlight only a few of her adventures.  This issue focuses on museums and combines material from at least two of Beryl’s Byways. — Editors

Sharing my experience of New York became a unique family opportunity with a visit from my daughter, Victoria, and granddaughter, Tina! I loved it!

Going to the show, “The Cottage”, was high on our list early on. We were especially delighted to recognize Eric McCormack (Will on “Will and Grace”) and Alex Moffat from “Saturday Night Live” as two of the main characters. It was an especially fun experience to hear their 

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