Beryl’s Byways

Beryl B. Byles

It began like this for a few of us….

Welcome to the first issue of “Beryl’s Byways”, my travel journal in this “Year of Adventure”. As you can see, it is a pdf attachment to an email, which is the format I will use going forward. Divided into four chapters, the first chapter has been a unique experience of housesitting near Safety Harbor, across the bay from Tampa. The second chapter begins at the end of next week and is distinguished as a bucket list item, specifically “autumn in New York”! I’ll be living on the Upper East Side, volunteering at the Metropolitan Opera (hopefully!) and looking forward to being both daunted and delighted by the “city that never sleeps”. As you can see from the masthead, I plan on commenting on experiences that happen by choice and/or those that happen by chance!

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