Moral Courage In U.S. Politics

Don Menzel
Joyce Carpenter

Here at OLLI Connects, just as everywhere else in our country, we recognize that 2024 is shaping up to be a watershed year. Economic insecurity, international conflicts, climate fears, border chaos and our polarized, explosive electorate will influence life for the foreseeable future. And while we are fortunate that OLLI offers each of us opportunities to engage in learning and activities that provide welcome distraction, the outer world continues to churn with disturbing events that must be dealt with. And so to begin the year, we address the concept of moral courage; and we hope to hear more from you about the important issues of our day throughout the coming year. It is our goal to listen to you, to give you a safe place to express your thoughts, your fears, and your hopes for the future in an occasional series of articles. More on that later. But for today, the first entry written by Don Menzel acknowledges courageous individuals who stepped up in 2023. And Joyce Carpenter invites you to attend a lecture on the same theme.

We begin with …. Moral Courage in U.S. Politics—Editors

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