“Ahimsa” from the Sanskrit, Do No Harm

Marilyn Myerson

Dear Diary, Today I met a squirrel on the road.

We exchanged pleasantries and talked about the agreeable clime. The squirrel volunteered that the lengthening of daylight was a welcome boon.

“More time to gather acorns against next winter’s frost?” I inquired.

“Oh, yes, that of course,” her eyes twinkled with mischief, “and whatever else might transpire…”

Then she scampered off, tail all fluffed up, leaving me to wonder. I arrived home in time for the evening meal, turnip stew and dandelion tea, scrumptious.

Dear Diary, Today the whole town is agog. The youngest Thompson boy was taken in for questioning in the suspicious death of a mouse found by the old Animal Memorial Museum. 

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