My Quest to Deliver Women Rowing North

Diane Russell

During the Fall 2020 term, I took the OLLI-USF class led by Ara Rogers and Jane Applegate based on the book, Women Rowing North, by Mary Pipher. The book encourages women in the last third of their lives to explore ways to make their lives more meaningful. It was especially helpful to bond with my classmates through Zoom. We discussed our pasts and how we planned to thrive during and after the pandemic!

I view Women Rowing North as an ideal reference book for women in my age group, so I decided  (More…)

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  1. I also took this class and I loved it so much that I started a group that met online monthly. For the Fall 2021 OLLI classes, I will be teaching the class. I will be using the same outline that Ara and Jane used . I have permission from Jane to do this. My class will max out at 13, so if you are interested, I recommend that you sign up soon! I do not have an academic background, so I am putting a slightly different spin on it. Join me in the fun!

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