Back Yard Squirrel Olympics

Diane White

As the Olympics drama unfolds in Tokyo, a lesser known, but still dramatic event is taking place closer to home. Yes, it is the Backyard Squirrel Olympics. I know, you will not find it in your cable guide. Nevertheless, it’s here!

Let me give you some context. When I put up my Covid-19 backyard bird feeder system, I did extensive research about how to deter unwanted critters. What else did I have to do? I read articles. I watched squirrel videos on YouTube where people attempted to deter the acrobatic critters. Based on my research, I measured out distances squirrels can leap with my yellow, Stanley 25’ Lever Lock tape measure. Feeling confident, I installed my feeder system based on expert research.

You can probably see where this is going.  (More…)

4 Replies to “Back Yard Squirrel Olympics”

  1. Diane,
    Well written–very clever.
    As a corporate nomad, I have had opportunities to do a little squirrel behavior modification at homes in five states. It involved a weak BB gun that was more of a “slap on the butt,” that accompanied with my oral request to leave our yard, soon made them a little less frequent uninvited guests.
    At our present Minnesota home, however, the American Red squirrels, more so than the Eastern Gray squirrels, were not to have their behavior altered. All training ceased when the deer, or a bear, tore down our feeders. This led to an entire new approach. Our backyard was open for any and all animals to frequent but we are no longer providing dinner for any of them. It’s kind of a “back to nature” thing.

  2. Thank you. Good point about the back to nature approach. I do enjoy my “pandemic” bird watching hobby and I’ve learned so much through observation. I’m happy to match wits with the occasional squirrel in return.

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