Search for the Perfect Shot

If one helping of Theresa Sokol’s blog wasn’t enough for you, we have another savory selection in today’s post.  And we have a personal invitation for you at the end.  Read on!  –Editor

Theresa D’Aiuto Sokol

I know, I know. You think I am referring to the Covid vaccine, and truth to tell the month of January was indeed a relentless and fruitless quest to get vaccinated. Happily we finally scored appointments for our first shot and have joined the fortunate few who have received the first step toward immunity from the disease that has poisoned our lives over the last twelve months.

However, that shot that is not the subject of this latest blog. Starting in early January I embarked on a quest to learn how to pull the perfect espresso shot with my new Gaggia Classic Pro Espresso machine. But let me back up a bit.  (More…)

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