The Sin That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Robert Strozier

When I was a boy growing up in Hyde Park, a community on the South Side of Chicago, our family belonged to the Trinity Episcopal Church.  Father Anderson, the rector, was handsome, generous-hearted and kindly, and I wanted more than anything to win his approval. His wife, Elizabeth, was warm and gracious too. My own parents were okay, but they were—you know—parents.

Father Anderson “believed” in me and hoped I’d become a priest one day. He seemed to like my sense of humor too, not that his standards were too high—his favorite comedian was George Gobel of “Well, I’ll be a dirty bird!” fame.

I was both a choirboy and an acolyte, depending on the occasion, and I’m sure I looked positively angelic in my black cassock and white surplice. But I knew I was a pious phony and unworthy to   (More…)

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  1. Bob, thank you for submitting “The Sin That Dare Not Speak Its Name.” It reminded me of what I have to be so grateful for. Catholicism continues to hold tight to the sacrament of Reconciliation (confession and penance) for its healing process. Guilt tied to the past can lead to destruction of a person in mind, spirit, and body. Reconciliation is a path to deal with that guilt, make reparations, and face a fresh start. For me it is the most important sacrament I have been given. And, yes, it is not easy to be a Catholic these day.

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